Carey Lake Sea Plane Base

Operating Limitations - Carey Lake

The following operating limitations for Carey Lake, Hibbing, Minnesota, are a part of the Carey Lake Seaplane Base License and shall be conspicuously displayed with the license in a public facility at the seaplane base.

Any person desiring to use Carey Lake Seaplane Base must hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate with a seaplane rating and shall obtain the prior permission of the Range Regional Airport manager for each landing and takeoff.

No operations are permitted during scheduled airline operations at the Range Regional Airport or when the Range Regional Airport is under Instrument Meteorological Conditions.

The Carey Lake Seaplane Base shall not be used for air taxi operations and no training flights or multiple operations will be allowed at the Carey Lake Seaplane Base.

All seaplane traffic operating from the Carey Lake Seaplane Base shall comply with the following traffic rules:

  1. Seaplane traffic will monitor and make traffic call on the Range Regional Airport CTAF.
  2. Aircraft landing at the airport shall have preference over seaplane base traffic.
  3. Seaplane traffic shall fly a 500-foot AGL traffic pattern and avoid conflict with traffic landing at the Range Regional Airport.
  4. Seaplane traffic departing to the South will make a left hand turn before Herman Road and remain north of the airport until safely clear of the airport traffic area.

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